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For Burky For Bryan Burk. Executive Producer.

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Bryan do you recall season 1 when you told me to go online at a certain site as I had fans for 'Lost" and I should answer them. Well I did then and I still am getting loads of emails at my website and interview requests for Lost. I posted today on lost tv to let them know I had an interview reguarding SBBSG with a Madrid Spain network, (cleared through Andrea in LA). Also wiki lost has really covered a lot on me and I did an interview with them as well. Anyway I wanted to check in to let you know that through the years I respond to the posts when I am not in acting class or on a set (I just completed filming a major motion, had a dozen lines, so still learning and thankful/humbled. I am so appreciative of your advice and my time on Lost. Take care, faith fay

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