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For John Bernstein For John Bernstein. DVD Producer.

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Season 5 Packaging Gaffe

I had posted this in another forum, so I'll summarize my point right off the bat: The DVD packaging for Season 5, considering the price we paid for this DVD set, is not just inferior in construction to that of prior seasons, but doesn't even match the hundreds of dollars sitting on my shelf in Seasons 1-4.

For a show that prides itself on continuity, where was the quality control in assuring your devoted fans could could have some packaging continuity in their display? It's unfortunate that Season 5 looks so out-of-place next to the other four seasons, and after paying a significant sum, I believe we are in fact entitled to a better product. Nevermind that the set itself comes without a booklet or an extra bonus CD (that was included in the 10 copies you sent to Best Buy that didn't even last past the 8th), it shows poor consumer faith during a recession to hike up the cost to a consumer, yet offer a completely substandard product. It would seem logical that as LOST becomes more popular, the amount of people purchasing LOST-themed items would increase, thus lowering costs to consumers per product.

With that said, we surely must be able to reach a peaceful accord considering the running packaging change won't deter die-hard fans like myself from watching the show. It would not be unreasonable to send in a proof-of-purchase to retrieve a plastic slipcase and booklet, and it would not be unreasonable to re-release the DVD set at a significantly reduced rate to those who had purchased the cardboard-enclosed release December 8th, much like you do for those who wish to own the Blu-Ray edition in addition.

Attached is this petition, which no doubt would be of interest to other LOST die-hards who feel as short-changed as I do in regards to your price-hike-product-plummet.

Thank you for taking the time to read this concern, and hopefully we can complete our LOST DVD collections as we had intended.

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The Fuselage > Ask the Staff > Got Questions for the Lost VIPs? > For the Lost Creative Team > For John Bernstein > Season 5 Packaging Gaffe

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