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For Liz Sarnoff For Liz Sarnoff. Producer.

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the rifles of the ISLANDERS

the rifles of the Is-lan-ders
(to the tune of "The Rifles of the I.R.A.")
I know this is of little concern, but I wasn't sure where to post these questions and observations.
I noticed (I collect rifles) that Ilana seems to be carrying a M-1 .30 carbine. Did she pick this up at the Temple?

I noticed that Frank is carrying what appears to be a (an) M-14 rifle, widely used prior to Vietnam, but still used during the conflict.

I can't get a clear screen shot of the rifle left for Ben in the jungle, but It did remind me of Rousseau's rifle.

So, my questions are about the I assume that some of them came from the Army that came there with Jughead ... if so, why did Jacob bring the Army to the Island only to be slaughtered by the Others?

Some (the M-14) came with Dharma? Why wouldn't Dharma use a more modern rifle?

The rifle that Ben found in the forest? It doesn't appear to be a military rifle...

Please, can someone show me screencaps?

Ok. Now a friend that doesn't watch LOST came over and says that the gun Frank is carrying is a mini-30 Ranch Rifle. Can anyone tell me?

If you can't answer, can you suggest a thread that can, or is it that no gun collectors watch LOST and are members of the forum?
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The Fuselage > Ask the Staff > Got Questions for the Lost VIPs? > For the Lost Creative Team > For Liz Sarnoff > the rifles of the ISLANDERS

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